Monday, 13 December 2010

Free French & Indian War Books

Hi there. It's been a bit of a gap and I have still not added a single photograph of a painted miniature to the blog since I last posted, but I have just compiled another list of public domain books (with a pair of silent films), this time focussed on the Seven Years War in North America alone. There are a good 50 or so, most of which are first hand accounts in the form of memoirs, journals and orderly books. They can be reached by following the link in the top, right-hand corner of the blog, or by clicking here.

And while I've been nosying around the internet looking at various French and Indian War material I found the above video on youtube. It's a deleted scene from Last of the Mohicans (deleted from the Region 2 DVD of it at any rate) and I can't for the life of me figure out why. It's only two minutes long, must have took a good while to shoot and actually fits in with the film quite well (they even mention that Duncan will create a diversion). Anyhow, if you like the thought of volley-firing British Grenadiers you'll like the clip.

Now, I should probably explain my breathtaking lack of progress on the painting front. I've had a good break from painting for a while but cleaned up a huge chunk of the SYW miniatures I've got lying around (French Hussars, Arquebusiers de Grassin, Hessian Jaegers, Freikorps and Artillery) but, following the disaster that happened with my spray paint the last time, I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity to get them undercoated (ie. when everyone who'll whinge about me using spray paint in the house has gone out for the day). I have, however, got a number of FIW miniatures undercoated from over a year ago which will probably be receiving paint over the next week or so. But if you don't see any photographed and slapped on this blog by the new year you're welcome to rebuke me for my slothful ways, in as forceful a manner as you like.


  1. This is excellent. Better late than never. I do like scenes like that, and have been playing The Patriot just for that purpose. In fact I finally put some stuff up on my blog that is comparable, for Leuthen. Also I like the books; there has always been a drastic shortage and even where they exist they have been unavailable. Good show and Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Mekelnborg! I had a nosy at the video you uploaded of Leuthen. There is a good battle scene from the film 'Der Grosse Koenig' on youtube as well. Being a 1943 propaganda film the Russians are cut out of the Battle of Kunersdorf altogether, but the opening couple of minutes with the lines of Prussians marching in 3 ranks are brilliant:

  3. The scene was restored in the director's cut which is only available as a North American DVD but it can be bought via Amazon UK.

    (It is much cheaper via for a new copy)

    There is something about the director's versions here:

    and here

    and apparently there is a different version out on Blu-Ray which is no the 'offical' director's cut. This is the page

  4. Thanks for the info, Thomas, it explains a lot. I've seen quite a few clips on youtube that have extra lines added in here and there that aren't on my DVD. Notably this one:

    It's probably my favourite scene in the film. The few lines after Montcalm says, 'I have known you as a gallant antagonist. I am happy to make your aquaintance as a friend' aren't on my DVD.

    I think I'll wait until I join the blue ray bandwagon to buy this. Thanks again for the heads up.