Monday, 28 March 2011

New additions to the French and Indian War Free Book List

When I initially posted the list of French and Indian War books on TMP, forum member Thomas Mante very helpfully suggested some more related books (thanks!). That was a few months ago, but I've pulled my finger out and added them to the list now. I've listed the new additions below to save you searching through the list if you've already downloaded the ones that were there before:



By George Washington

By Mary Carson Darlington (includes the letters of Generals Grant, Forbes and Bouquet, and the Journal, letters and orderly book of Captain Simeon Ecuyer

(includes extracts from the papers of Colonel Henry Bouquet)

By Robert Rogers, John Bradstreet and Franklin Benjamin Hough


By James Johnstone

By Mary Carson Darlington (includes account by Pierre-Joseph CĂ©loron de Blainville)


By William Harrison Lowdermilk

By Mary Carson Darlington

By Mary Carson Darlington
By William Smith


  1. No problem, mate. Although this batch is all down to the generosity of Thomas Mante on TMP.


  2. It's interesting to see James Johnstone says the war started in 1750 where he was. The one before that only ended in 1748.

    In Europe the governments only admit to it in 1756 or 1757, and Braddock's campaign is in '55, and the Fort Necessity thing in '54.

  3. Cheers for pointing that out, Mekelnborg. I was copying and pasting on autopilot and didn't register it. I had a quick look at the first couple of pages after reading your comment, to see where Johnstone reckoned the war began, and it looks like a pretty good read. I rarely read any of these ebooks just because I can't really sit down and read pages and pages on a computer screen (which is a bit of a joke considering how long I spend sat at a computer), but Johnstone comes across as an interesting writer. He certainly didn't hold back on his opinions, like where he talks about that missionary priest on the first couple of pages.

    Thanks again for pointing it out.

  4. Now it's another month!

    Fantastico , complimenti !!
    I need to let you know that I have nominated you for the "Stylish Blogger Award"
    Te lo meriti !!

  5. Adam,

    I've never dropped you a line here but I have long appreciated your blog. I have also just nominated you for the Stylish blogger award but I see I am not the first. Lucky you!

    Thanks for a nice blog


  6. @Mekelnborg and Jiminho

    Hi lads. Sorry I haven't responded to your nominations yet. I've been doing overtime at work every chance I can get and have pretty much wiped out all my painting and blogging time. I haven't forgotten and will try to get a post up about it this weekend.

    Cheers again